Star Proof

The #1 Flexo proofing technology - A swatch made in heaven!

  • High-quality inkjet proofs
  • Uses the same data integral ripped files that will be used to image the final film/plate
  • Calibration to simulate printing press processes
  • Excellent colour matching between proofs and press
  • Offers traditional colour calibration and fine controls for matching inks via colour shade, calibration curve and dot gain compensation
  • Superb blacks and grays reproduction
  • Mis-registration preview to help avoid potential problems on press
  • Extreme Dot Grain feature simulates plate pressure effects in processes such as carton or corrugated
  • Calibrates spot colours using predefined lab values, industry-related colour libraries or spectrophotometry entered data

Why Use Star Proof?

Star Proof’s Isi Calibration System (ICS) provides a comprehensive set of tools to achieve excellent color matching between proof and press, offering traditional color calibration and fine controls for matching inks via color shade, calibration curve and dot gain compensation.

With superb reproduction of blacks and grays and options for handling UCR and GCR, users can easily achieve quality levels that are difficult for many systems based solely on ICC profiling.

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